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Thursday, August 6th

If you are already in Gothenburg, come and hang out with us and grab your badge at Bishop’s Arms at Järntorget from 18.30.

Friday, August 7th

Picnic at Slottskogen, 19:30. Light food will be offered. Depends on good weather.

Saturday, August 8th

Let’s hangout at Jerntorgets Brygghus (Järntorget 4) from 19:30 on. You’ll be able to order foods and drinks there.

There will also be the annual GNOME Women’s Dinner. Time and location TBD, stay tuned!

Sunday, August 9th

Our annual football match at Heden, 20:00. If you’d like to play other sports, let us know and we can try to arrange it!

Monday, August 10th

A tour to the Kviberg area for those who enjoy walks and green fields. Meet outside the BoF venue at 16:00. Depends on good weather.

Tuesday, August 11th

FOSS GBG meetup, GNOME edition. FOSS GBG is our local free and open software meetup. On the 11th, we’ll have three talks on GNOME from our contributors Christian Hergert, Michael Catanzaro and Bastian Ilso, and the chance to talk free software with the locals. Make sure to register to attend, tickets are free!

Let’s meet afterwards at Biljardpalatset, around 20:00, to hang out and play pool.

You can see more details on the activities on our wiki page.